Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Legends Behind Witches: MARINETTE-BWA-CHECH

Episode Four: Vodou, Introduces a visitor to the Witches world, Marinette.

Marinette-Bwa-Chech is a loa in Haitian VodouIt is believed that Marinette was burned alive for fighting against slavery and for the Bois Caiman ceremony that began the Haitian revolution. She relates to the horrible conditions that slaves had to endure. She is often considered to be angry loa, used in black magic. She is feared and acts upon those she possesses violently. The screeching owl is the emblem of Marinette. When she posesses someone they behave as an owl, hooking their fingers, lowering their heads and scratching. But she can also be seen as one who frees her people from bondage. Marinette is not cruel.

She is called up by the bokor (pronounce baw-kaw) who are priests and priestesses who work black magic. The ones who would be consulted to have an enemy killed, raise the dead necromancy, or bind someone in blind love. They will call upon Marinette. She has been known to be invoked for revenge against cheating boyfriends and husbands. Many say she should never be invoked because she is too dangerous and hostile. She is not a spirit for a Vodou novice like Sunder, no matter how self confident. In fact, Marinette can immediately identify a novice.

Marinette should never be invoked within the home. She literally burns with rage and may burn down buildings while within them, intentionally or not.

Marinette is the matron of werewolves and loups-garoux. She protects them. She is respected by werewolves, and some hold services in her honor. She likes salvia, black pepper, lavender, and sweets. Her colors are black and deep blood red. She is a bitter spirit who prefers to be alone. People disappointed her.

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