Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Legends Behind Witches: WIZARD STONE CLAD

Episode Three: Stone Cold, brings a legend of the Cherokee to the Witches world, Stone. He comes seeking revenge. 

An internet search for the word Adawehi (Ah-dah-way-hee) in the Cherokee language returns several meanings: the spirit of healing, water conjurer, medicine man, magician, conjurer witch.

One of the Adawehi of legends is called Stoneclad or Nûñ'yunu'wï, which means “dressed in stone” or “Stone Clad”. He was an ancient ada'wehi that preyed on the Cherokee. Then later, before they killed him, he gave them many of their traditional medicines and ceremonies.

The stories of Stoneclad vary from one telling to another. In some versions there is only one. In others there is a race of Stoneclads. Stoneclad can be a man-sized human witch that turned himself into an invulnerable monster. Or he can be a stone-skinned giant. Always, he has rock armor that protect him from weapons, fire, and cold.

In the Creek account the monster is stone-covered and his only vulnerable spot is in his ear. This myth has variations at other places in North America. The monster may be cad with stone, scales, or metal. Or may be only magically invulnerable. The vulnerable spot may be located in the foot, nose, ear. He can only be defeated through draining his power. This may be achieved by destroying his talismans or exposing him to menstruating women.

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