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Ashlee Heath

Stalking Ashlee Heath on imdb
by JimmyLee Smith

Ashlee Heath is another one of my favorite actors that I have have been fortunate to have worked with.  I follow her career on imdb.
 (image from, Photo by anna ritch photo)

She is amazing on and off the set. Since those days, she has been in McGyver (2019) and Dynasty (2020). She has range. She is excellent in her serious roles, but I have always held that comedy requires even a better actor, and she plays comedy well.  Check out her demo reels. I especially like the commercial about the x-ray.

Commercial Reel
Theatrical Reel

And back when she was just starting out, we worked together in a fun short called 'Public' by Leslie Kelso. Everyone who talks to me about it calls it "Heather.' That was Ashlee's character. She obviously stole the show. Watch it here on

Kenny Cook

EarLuminator Interview with Kenny Cook
by JimmyLee Smith

I met Kenny Cook in the reception room at Creative Studios of Atlanta. We were both starting out in the acting business. Since then, I have been fortunate to work on several projects with Kenny. He has great comedic timing and expression. He proved his great skill playing the 'straight' man without laughing at Ashlee Heath's character in the short 'Sober'. He has also proven he can play the roles of less humorous roles such as Harold in the short film 'Tree Jumper'.

EL: Who is your favorite director/movie?

KENNY: Frank Capra ? It's a Wonderful Life ?

EL: What is your favorite character in 'It's a Wonderful Life', and why?

KENNY: I'd have to say George Bailey, because he's just an average guy, with hopes and dreams.? Jimmy Stewart made him so "real" to me.

EL: How long have you been acting?

KENNY: 3 years

EL: What made you want to act?

KENNY: I was bored and was going to take either a Spanish Class or an Acting Class. I took the Acting Class and started acting.

EL: So, have you given up on the Spanish?

KENNY: ? Not so much interested in speaking Spanish now, but I do work on my Spanish accent, from time to time.

EL: What was your first film?

KENNY: Short ? "Laugh Dying". Feature ? "Hope and Redemption, The Lena Baker Story"

EL: How many movies have you been in?


EL: What was your favorite role, and why did you find that character enjoyable?

KENNY: The role I liked the best was Harold in the short film "Tree Jumper". Harold was a very bad man.

EL: What was your hardest role, and why did you find that character difficult?

KENNY: Harold in "Tree Jumper" because his character was so different from anything I had ever done before and so different from me, as a person.

EL: What's the hardest part about acting?

KENNY: Being able to see what other people see in my performance. I'm constantly second guessing myself

EL: What the thing you like best about acting?

KENNY: Being able to be "someone else".

EL: What role do you want to play?

KENNY: There's not one specific role, but I really enjoy working in period films.

EL: Any specific periods interest you more than others?

KENNY: ? Turn of the Century, when things were slower and people were more kind (for the most part)

EL: Yes, things were slower in 2000. Which director did you enjoy working for the most, and why?

KENNY: Ralph Wilcox on "Hope and Redemption, the Lena Baker Story". He was genuinely nice to everyone on the set. He has great vision for film making in Georgia. He gave me my first chance to be in a Feature Film.

EL: Have you written or directed a movie, or do you have aspirations to write or direct?

KENNY: I am currently writing a screenplay and hope to direct it.

EL: Do you want to tell us what it's about?

KENNY: ? It is a Comedic-Thriller-Love Story.? It has to do with being broken hearted, going home again, finding love again and accidental identity theft.? But most of all it is a story of true friendship.?

EL: Are there other jobs in the art of movie making you have done or would like to do?

KENNY: I have done a small amount of editing but just enough to peek my interest.

EL: Are you currently working on or scheduled to work on a production?

KENNY: No, not at this time.

EL: Can we purchase any of your movies on the internet?

KENNY: Not at this time. Keep an eye open for "Hope and Redemption, the Lena Baker Story" and "The Curse of Mocktawbi Pond"

EL: Who is producing?The Curse of Mocktawbi Pond?

KENNY: ? TCMP was filmed and is in post production here in Tupelo, MS (my hometown) by songShine Productions, Inc.? The Screenplay was written by Brick Repult and it was directed by Russell Fox.? Oh, BTW, I play a fish in this film who turns back into a man after 13 years.

EL: What is your current/next role?

KENNY: Your guess is as good as mine!

Thank you Kenny. Looking forward to seeing you in more movies, and hope we work together again soon.

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