Thursday, September 24, 2020

WITCHES Series published as short stories

 Witches: Book One will be available before Halloween.

Find info on the series at

Learn more about the Legends behind the stories  on the Luminations blog

WITCHES: BOOK ONE includes episodes One through Four


The Legends Behind Witches: SEVEN RAVENS

Sunder uses a spell called Blackened Swan from her mother's cook book. This is based on the variations of The Seven Ravens, a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers GrimmIn The Seven Ravens, brothers were turned into birds. Other variations include The Six SwansThe Twelve Wild DucksUdea and her Seven BrothersThe Wild SwansThe Twelve Brothers, and The Magic Swan Geese.

A peasant had seven sons and one daughter. She was sickly. He sent his sons to get water for her, or to be baptized in the German version. In the Greek version, the water came from a healing spring. The brothers rush and drop the jug in the well. When they did not return, their father thought they had gone to play instead of fetching the water, and he cursed them. Unintentionally, he turned them into ravens.

When the sister was grown, she searched for her brothers. She asks for help from the sun, the moon, and the morning star. The morning star gives her a chicken bone (in the Italian) or a bat's foot (in the Greek) and tells her she will need it to save her brothers. She finds the Glass Mountain where they are. In the Greek, she opens it with the bat's foot; in the German, she has lost the bone, and chops off a finger to use as a key. inside the mountain, a dwarf tells her that her brothers will return. She eats the brothers' food and drink, and leaves a ring from home in the last cup.

When her brothers return, she hides, and they turn into human form and ask who has been at their food. The last one finds the ring, and hopes it is their sister, in which case they are saved. She emerges, and they return home. In the Six Swans version, one of the brothers returns with a wing instead of an arm.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Dave made a maze

This was really unique. Most creative thing I have ran across in a while.


Mamoudou Athie was also in The Unicorn Store. Quickly becoming one of my new favorite actors.

Sunday, May 31, 2020


Watching Vevo pop music. Stuff i dont hear on the radio here.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Money From A Car Window

  An excerpt from Growing Up Without WiFi

Money Form A Car Window
by J. Smith Kirkland
 I was the youngest of three kids. My dad made a respectable living as a machinist. We were not rich, but we were certainly richer than many of my friends’ families. I was never in need, and seldom in want. We had a nice house. I had my own room. I had toys to play with. We didn’t have a new car, but we had a car. I knew that I would have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of my friends knew that school lunch might be all they had that day. I never had to worry about food, clothing, shelter, or love.
But I remember this one evening, as we all drove home from somewhere, I was listening from the back seat as my parents were talking about needing to buy milk and bread. They could stop at the ‘Milk Jug’ just up the road, but it wasn’t payday yet and they didn’t have any money. Now this is before everyone had credit cards, and debit cards, and after the time when you could ask the store owner to just put it on your account until payday. So, no money; no milk and bread. This was also a time when you could get milk and bread both with less than a dollar. So, my parents really had NO money until payday.
Then, just as my parents were conceding that it would just have to wait, my dad gets all excited, “Did you see that?” Something had flown out of the window of the car in front of us, and he was pretty sure it was money. Now if anyone could spot money flying from the window of a car going 50 miles an hour, it would be my dad. Actually, not only did he spot the money in flight, he turned around, went back, stopped the car, and found a dollar bill in the weeds on the side of the road.
Now like I said before, I never had to worry about food, clothing, or shelter. It was not that we would all go to bed hungry if we didn’t get the milk and bread that evening. It would just have been convenient if we could get the milk and bread now, while we were already near a store, and if we didn’t have to wait until payday and the check could be cashed.
So it was no miraculous feeding of the multitude with 40 loaves and fishes, but it was a moment that I will always remember. An incident that still reverberates in my thoughts whenever I start to think, “how will I ever pay off this credit card?” or “What if this job ends in August?” Whenever those kinds of worry start clogging up the synapses, I think, “pennies from heaven, dollars from car windows, consider the lilies of the fields, and remember the dollar in the weeds.”

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

WITCHES Series published as short stories

  Witches: Book One  will be available before Halloween. Find info on the series at Learn more about the  Legends ...