Sunday, July 4, 2021

Killer Concept 0n Prime

Spoiler Alert (sorta):
One of my favorite indie movie writers/directors reaches a new level of creepy playing the role of the killer. Not really a spoiler. You know rather early in the movie who's the killer. But it is somewhat of a reveal. So maybe if you don't know them by name already, don't look at photos/names of the cast til after you watch it.
But who is the killer is not the suspenseful part.I actually looked at how many minutes were left when the killer was revealed. Thought how will they keep this suspenseful for the rest of the movie, but they did. Well done.  Recommend this for horror/suspense fans.

The weird things i take with me from movies totally unrelated to anything about the movie really,
because, well, i am weird.  At one point Glenn, holding two cups of water, sits down, on the ground, without spilling them. I can't do this. I have a new goal.

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