Sunday, June 27, 2021

Ask Questions When Writing

Listening to a youtube video interview with Glen Ger. Some of his comments:

Characters are moving until they run into something else moving.

Every character in the story thinks they are the main character. They all have something they have to accomplish. Others are getting in their way of accomplishing it. Obstacle can be external or internal. Another character or a fear of something for example.

Ask these questions about your story:

  • Who is it about?
  • what they want?
  • why can't they get it?
  • what do they do about it?
  • why doesn't that work?
  • how does it end?

Keep asking why? If the obstacle is fear of something, why is the character afraid of that. Why do they do what do they do

He said you have to learn your process. What works best for you. He works in short burst. If he writes too long in one sitting, he may write over something that was good. So he has learned to take breaks. Find your own process, but do it in some way that it is written down,Get it out of you head and into the world.

The interview:

Glen Ger in imdb:


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