Friday, May 22, 2020

Story A Day In May - Story 22

The Question
by J. Smith Kirkland

A long time ago, in a far away world, there was a man names Ed.
Because Ed was a wise man, people would come to him with questions.
Carefully, he would consider their queries.
Delighted, they would receive his answers.
Every now and then, someone would ask something he would have to think about for a few days.
For these kinds of questions, he would need to contemplate.
Going to the mountain was his usual choice.
However, when his girlfriend Zoe asked him one question he decided to go instead to the shore.
In a couple of days, he was still uncertain of his answer.
Just when he was about to give up and go back to the village, a storm rolled in.
Knowing he would not make it back before the storm, he stayed in the house on the beach.
Looking out at the approaching storm, he wondered if his wisdom had left him.
Many times he had watched storms roll in from the sea.
Never had he seen one that did not inspire him.
Only this time, it only filled him with doubt.
Perhaps after another nights sleep his mind would be clearer.
Questions haunted his dreams.
Reality slips away in dreams to another realm.
Somewhere between the two, Ed heard a voice
The voice said, “The answer is clear.”
“Unless you open your eyes now, you will forget.”
Very quickly, Ed sat up in bed.
Without hesitation he ran back to the village.
Xaman Ek, the god of the North Star, could not have concluded a better answer than what he gave Zoe.
“You should wear the red shoes with that dress.”
Zoe sighed ,” No I think the black ones look better.”

The Prompt

Be playful.
Playfulness can open up an expanse in confinement.
So… write a story in 26 sentences, with each sentence beginning with a sequential letter of the alphabet, starting with “A.”

Story A Day Framework

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