Saturday, May 16, 2020

Story A DAy In May - Story 16

by J. Smith Kirkland

Mom said they could go anywhere they want for vacation. They got to pick. The catch was, all three of them had to pick the same place. If they could not pick together by tomorrow, then she was would pick a place.

Immediately, Margaret wanted Disney World. Bobby wanted Lego Land, but Billy said he had to think about it. The other two knew they had to convince their little brother to pick theirs, So the The sales pitches began. Each one enumerated reasons why Billy would like the one they wanted. He would look excited about both, but would eventually go back to “I don't know. It's hard to pick.”

Next came the bribes. Margaret promised to do Billy's chores for a month. Bobby promised to let him play with his game system anytime he wanted. Bobby thought either might be worth saying yes to his sibling, but he was not yet swayed.

Tomorrow came, and Mom asked where that had chosen. Bobby and Margaret both started talking at once explaining why there place was better and how the other one would not cooperate.

Well, I am not surprised. So I get to pick. I choose the American History festival in Boston.”

There was a chorus of “Noooo!”

She laughed, “not really. I found this brochure for Universal Studios in the mail. I thought we would all like that.”

After some sighs of relief, the three decided they could all be happy with that choice. Before the three left the room, Mom asked Billy to help her in the kitchen.

You know, it's the oddest thing, this brochure was in the mailbox with the rest of the mail, but it doesn't have a stamp or postmark. Wonder how it got there.”

Billy just smiled.

The Prompt

Think about three different characters going into a situation who need three different things to happen in it. Now, all of these things will conflict with the other needs. Think about how they will ally with each other and thwart each other in conversation and subtly trying to influence each other. But only one character can get what they want. Now… go!

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